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Why Social Recruitment?

When you need the best talent for your business, you need to know where to find them. Today, that place is social media. Global Refer incentivises your employees to post and share job openings to their social networks earning them a reward for a successful hire.


Start Advertising in 3 Simple Steps

1. Create an Ad

Create a single job ad to be shared across multiple platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

2. Set your Reward

Set a reward for a successful hire - this is a powerful incentive for your network to share your ad faster.

3. Share with your Employees

Let your employees share the ad on their social media platforms where your ad could be viewed by hundreds of potential candidates on the first day alone.

Benefits of Social Recruitment

Cost Effective
One ad. Tons of views. By sharing your job ads on multiple social networks, you’ll be multiplying your efforts - all for the cost of a single advert.

Invest in your very own Referral Network
Your employees belong to social networks - it’s time to transform their social connections into a powerful recruitment engine.

Saves Time
Creating a job ad is quick and easy, and thanks to the power of social media applications will roll in fast.

Reach Passive Candidates
By recruiting socially, you’ll discover those hidden gems who are inspired to respond to your ad.

Find a Better Fit
Reach an audience of talented professionals by incentivising your employees to share your ad with people they know will be a good fit for your business.

Creates Brand Awareness
The more your business shares job ads on social media networks, the more recognisable your brand will become.

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